HEF Finance, founded in 2018, was created to serve the growing and severely underserved cannabis industry as it pertained to financial services. After working for decades in the financial services sector, our HEF identified the cannabis market as an opportunity to use their expertise to develop loan underwriting criteria for an industry that was, and remains, underserved. Over the years, HEF assembled an in-house team of underwriters and administrative staff to maximize cannabis loan underwriting efficiency and speed. To date, HEF Finance has facilitated millions of dollars in term sheets and millions of dollars in executed loans in the cannabis industry for publicly traded and privately held companies, both in the United States and Canada.

Integrity in a Sea of Uncertainty

We believe that being a firm of the highest level of integrity, in a sea of brokers who lack it, is our mission and it’s essentially our brand. Is HEF the only firm in this industry with integrity? Absolutely not, but it’s part of the small minority.

While developing underwriting criteria for partner funds, HEF ran into what many people still find in the cannabis lending world – people who said they were direct lenders who were not. We also found a number of firms that represented themselves as direct lenders, issued bogus term sheets, took fees upfront, and disappeared after those fees were paid. The cannabis lending space is still a snake pit to this day. Our mission is to continue to build relationships with money sources and borrowers to become continually more efficient in the matching of the credit profile of a borrower with the right fund. Telling borrowers what they want to hear wastes everyone’s time. At HEF Finance, we tell borrowers what it takes to execute a loan, and frequently, it’s not what a borrower wants to hear. The fact is that HEF Finance has real competition that have a high level of competency, however, the few companies that believe in honesty and can actually execute loans are few and far between. HEF Finance is here to build trust, help people in the cannabis industry, and provide realistic expectations of what an outcome will be in an effort to obtain a cannabis loan.

Recent Posts

How to find a loan for your cannabis business?

The underserved cannabis industry, as it pertains to financial services, is a minefield to be navigated only by the intrepid and savvy. The dearth of lending options in the cannabis sector, and banking options, make it uniquely difficult to obtain debt financing. And there is no shortage of pitfalls and misleading brokers.


Fact or Fiction: Cannabis Equipment Leases at 5% APR

Recently, in our survey of the online content the cannabis lending industry, we found examples of claims about cannabis equipment leasing rates that made us cringe, and to be honest, chuckle. One example, was a cannabis equipment leasing web page that touted the following highlights of their cannabis equipment lease program:


Can I get a loan for my Cannabis Startup business

At HEF Finance, we get this question usually a few times a week. And, we always say that we have executed many loans for startups and pre-revenue companies for public and private companies in both the U.S. and Canada. That said, like all cannabis loans, the business needs certain ingredients to execute a loan successfully.

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