Affiliate/Broker Program

We get the call frequently from experience real estate professionals, attorneys, and various industry consultants – “do you guys pay commissions to brokers or have some sort of affiliate program for cannabis loan referrals?” The answer is yes. We currently work with 139 agents throughout North America and we are happy to enter into non-circumvention agreements and pay brokers or joint venture partners.

What advantage do you have in working with HEF Finance as a member of our broker program?

Cannabis loans are different than in most, if not all other industries. Finding real funding sources that are genuinely interested in closing a deal rather than play games (see bogus term sheets, exorbitant engagement fees, etc.). We have over 3 years’ experience in cannabis lending and we’ve reviewed over 9000 credit scenarios in the industry in that time. We’ve closed millions of dollars in loans in the industry for both public and privately held cannabis companies in the United States and Canada. Our internal financial consultants can navigate the feasibility of a loan quickly to help determine if the borrower has a realistic chance of obtaining financing at realistic terms.

HEF Finance underwrites directly to the funds that actually fund the loans. There is no middle man between us and the money. As such, we are built for speed and with our experience with our partners funds, we will have a very active line of communication with the entity issuing terms. We are working with these same funds every day and our advantage is that we bring qualified volume based on the funds criteria that we know very well. As a result, when we call, they pick up the phone.

A good portion of our business comes from valued outside agents who are trying to help their client obtain a relationship with a high integrity cannabis finance house. To learn more about our program, please contact us today and become a valued affiliate of HEF Finance.

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