Recent Loans/Terms

Here are recent loans closed by HEF Finance:

  • $19 million Multi-phase construction loan for improvement and completion of multi-state locations including Casa Grande AZ, and Pahrump, NV

  • Michigan based indoor grow facility construction loan $1.1M

  • Colorado-based greenhouse Marijuana grow real estate and business acquisition loan $2.3M

  • $200,000 line of credit to marijuana testing lab in Chandler, AZ

  • $10M business loan to cannabis publicly traded company

  • $2.3mm acquisition/cash-out combo loan on indoor/outdoor grow Oklahoma (arguably the hardest state in the union to transact even normal everyday real-estate transactions)

  • $900,000 Cannabis Property Cash our Refi

  • 2mm cross collateral cash out refi/ cultivation. Colorado

  • 1.2mm cross collateralization cash out/ green zone. Michigan


  • $40M Credit Facility for Crypto Miners for Publicly traded company

  • 150mm specialty finance( crypto) / publicly traded co.

  • 23mm cannabis construction= Arizona

  • 6.65mm Merger loan=Oregon

  • 3.25mm acquisition loan=Michigan

  • 1mm signature loan=Michigan

  • 980k cash out/cannabis property=Michigan

  • 1800mm cross collateralization loan-Colorado

  • 800k signature loan-Michigan

  • 1.3m cash out refi=California

  • $5.2MM Adelanto Construction Loan

  • $8MM Arizona Construction loan Cash out Combination loan

  • 24mm balance sheet loan. Publicly traded cannabis co.

  • 12mm asset loan. Crypto mining/ private co

  • 17mm expansion loan. Crypto mining/ Publicly traded co.

  • 3.5mm cannabis dispensary , Los Angeles Cali

  • 3.6mm Farm acquisition Oklahoma

  • 10m Grow facility, Michigan

  • 4.5mm term loan , Colorado

  • 19mm grow facility Pheonix, Az

  • 80mm expansion loan

  • 7.2mm Multiple dispensary location acquisition , Michigan

  • 1.1mm grow facility, Michigan

  • 1mm cash out Refi loan Detroit Dispensary

  • 15mm grow facility Michigan

  • 50mm Grow facility, Public company.

  • 200k 2nd position term loan( HEF specialized product)

  • 300k 2nd position term loan( HEF specialized product)

  • 380k 2nd position term loan ( HEF specialized product)

  • 150k 2nd position term loan( HEF specialized product)

  • Client accepted closed loans

  • 1.4mm Grow facility, Oregon

  • 4.5mm Term loan , Colorado

  • 7.2mm multi location Dispensary acquisition, Michigan

  • 2.6mm cross collateral restructure loan, Colorado

  • 1.6mm cash out grow facility Michigan

  • 200k 2nd position(HEF specialty product)

  • 300k 2nd position(HEF specialty product)

  • 380k 2nd position(HEF specialty product)

  • 150k 2nd position(HEF specialty product)

Activity for the summer 2022

New terms

  • 3mm indoor grow acquisition /Michigan

  • 5.2mm full construction loan dispensary/ Michigan

  • 800k completion construction indoor grow/Michigan

  • 240k expedited real estate loan outdoor grow/Colorado

  • 850k expediated real estate loan indoor grow/Oregon

  • 5.2mm refi indoor grow/Oklahoma

  • 5mm construction indoor grow, cross collateral /Michigan

  • 2mm refi/ completion construction/ Oregon

  • 3.5mm construction loan/Oklahoma

  • 440k cash out refi/ New York

  • 4.1mm indoor grow/dispensary acquisition/ Colorado

  • 2.5mm term loan for hemp products distribution company/Arizona

  • 1.5mm dispensary acquisition/ Oregon

  • Closings:

  • 2.25mm term loan( non-cannabis medical)

  • 1.6mm term loan/ dispensary / Michigan

  • 800k completion loan/Michigan

  • 240k expedited real estate loan/Colorado

  • 15.8mm debt restructure public company/ California

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